What is a cabochon?

Cabochon: “Dome-shaped stone, without facets

It refers to the shape of the bead or gem, and in my cabochon jewellery, it’s the rounded, convex resin part of the earring or pendant. Gemstones can come in cabochon shape, although they’re usually facet-cut,

In my jewellery pieces, the cabochon with a picture under it is glued into a frame, or bezel.

A cabochon is a special type of gemstone that has been shaped and polished, rather than faceted. As a result, these gemstones have a domed surface and a flat back.Joseph Jewelry

Aviary of Feathered Jewellery

I’ve renamed some of my ranges and portfolios recently. For example, my hand-knitted hats and beanies are now themed as “Head Start” (previously called Tip Ya Hat). I’ve recently made more feather-featured earrings, and changed the portfolio name from Birdies to “Birds of a Feather” – you can see my latest on the page of that name.

You can still buy some of my earlier pieces, named for the cheerful birds they share a colour palette with, such as Mountain Bluebird and Scarlet Finch.

Christmas 🎅 jewellery

Look at my new jewellery for Christmas 2021. There are flowers, leaves, boho style, and baby Santa styles!

As usual, I’ve named some of the new jewellery after flowers, such as Amaryllis ‘Clown’, Cymbidium ‘Red Lip’, and Hellebore ‘Red Lady’.

See them – and more – on my Festive and Yuletide page, and listings in my online shop bronz.beads.

Bron’s Birthday

Spoiled for choice: which of my birthday presents to work with first?

Gorgeous colours and shapes – my current favourites of acrylic flowers and leaves – and Christmas beads from Bead Trimming and Craft (Brisbane)

Fantastic mix of reds – shiny, matt, sequins, spacers – plus more lovely leaves from The Bead Hold (Taranaki)

and new, quality jewellery crafting tools and cutters, along with stylish display stands, from G A Warburton (Auckland)