Kinder Garten

My children’s jewellery is called “kinder garten” (children’s garden) and includes fruit salad, flowers and shells – links below.

I’d forgotten how tiny children’s wrists are!

At my weekend market, lots of little girls came to try on my pretty bracelets, only to find they were far too big. That’s when I created a “children’s garden” range of cute and colourful jewellery for children from tiny to teens.

Here are examples of the items I’ve made so far:

Baby Flowers – some of these will also appeal to petite women who prefer delicate earrings

Fruit Salad – bracelets and earrings made with tropical and seasonal fruit beads (I make adults’ fruit salad items, too)

Hearts and Flowers – pretty pieces with flowers and sparkly beads

Pearls and Shells – shiny rainbow pearls and striped shells and daisy shapes