Fruit Salad and Licorice Allsorts!

Brand new in my “kinder garten” range for kids (and young at heart adults) are these gorgeous, eye-catching or sweetly subtle earrings and bracelets.

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I’ve updated this website to offer a more streamlined showcase of my various ranges and styles, as well as adding brief “about” and “contact” links.

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What is a cabochon?

Cabochon: “Dome-shaped stone, without facets

It refers to the shape of the bead or gem, and in my cabochon jewellery, it’s the rounded, convex resin part of the earring or pendant. Gemstones can come in cabochon shape, although they’re usually facet-cut,

In my jewellery pieces, the cabochon with a picture under it is glued into a frame, or bezel.

A cabochon is a special type of gemstone that has been shaped and polished, rather than faceted. As a result, these gemstones have a domed surface and a flat back.Joseph Jewelry

Spring Sale 2022

Older jewellery is now MASSIVELY REDUCED!

Everything must go, to make way for new Floral creations, like these examples.

At a recent craft market, my table was one of 20 jewellery stalls. With so many people making jewellery, I’ve decided to concentrate on a few specialist styles: mainly flowers, with some steampunk & special occasion items: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Wedding Party.

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Aviary of Feathered Jewellery

I’ve renamed some of my ranges and portfolios recently. For example, my hand-knitted hats and beanies are now themed as “Head Start” (previously called Tip Ya Hat). I’ve recently made more feather-featured earrings, and changed the portfolio name from Birdies to “Birds of a Feather” – you can see my latest on the page of that name.

You can still buy some of my earlier pieces, named for the cheerful birds they share a colour palette with, such as Mountain Bluebird and Scarlet Finch.

Icons and feathers

As well as the jewellery “flower gardens” I love creating, it’s an enjoyable challenge to make jewellery to fit a theme. Below are the pieces I made for two recent exhibitions, “Fine Feathers” and “NZ Icons“.

Each month, Kāpiti Gallery in Raumati Beach has a new exhibition, and while some are more focused on, for example, pastel painting or pottery and sculpture, there’s often an exhibition theme for general art and craft work. Kāpiti Gallery is the showcase for Kāpiti Arts and Crafts Society; I belong to the Jewellery Group and the Spinning, Weaving & Knitting Group.

For the Jewellery Group’s exhibition earlier in 2022, I created almost 100 new items; a few are pictured below.

Jewellery Group exhibition at Kāpiti Gallery, including some novelty and children’s jewellery:

Earring options: clip-ons & coloured hooks

Women often admire my “flower garden” of pretty earrings but tell me they’ve never had their ears pierced – so I’ve begun making earrings for them. I’ve also got some gorgeous coloured hooks to match to the beads I’m using; they look great!

In the past week I’ve made several pairs of earrings with the same beads but as clip-ons as well as on hooks and posts, some with matching bracelets. I’m looking forward to promoting these at the Saturday market, and in the Jewellery Group exhibition at Kapiti Gallery later this month.