Flower Garden

My main focus of jewellery making: bead flowers and bouquets of flowery beads and leaves. The pictures below are the inspiration for my flower garden of bracelets, earrings and necklaces.
Keep scrolling down to see some of the creations named for these gorgeous, aromatic, delightful blooms.

Floral Bouquet

Other flower themed ranges include:

Flora – jewellery named for flowers and plants, but not in the shape of flowers or bouquets

Midnight Flower – dark beads named for darker flowers, the blacks and deep purples

Lilies and Roses and Daisies – I accidentally over-ordered and found myself with dozens of trumpet and lily shaped acrylic flowers. I’m gradually using them up, in individual earrings and included in Floral Bouquets

Baby Flowers (listed in my Kinder Garten range) – they’re a good size for children with pierced ears, and are popular with petite women prefer smaller, more delicate earrings.