Festive + Yuletide

New for Christmas 2022

Festive themed jewellery – including some ‘Yuletide Gothyk’ for those who like Christmas with a dark side!

2021 Christmas jewellery for sale now – some of these items may still be available; check my online shop to see

Kiwi Christmas at the Beach

Here in Aotearoa New Zealand, you’re as likely to be at the beach on Christmas Day, or having a backyard barbecue, as eating formal dinner around a table. It’s still a time for families to gather, eat, drink and celebrate – and @bronzbeads jewellery’s just perfect for the festivities.

Christmas Garden

This is my imaginary – and possibly out of season – Christmas Garden, filled with gorgeous festive coloured flowers for your Advent wreath and Christmas table!

More festive treats from previous years

To the best of my knowledge, all floral and decoration images are rights free and /or available for use under Creative Commons licence. If I’ve inadvertently used licensable work, please let me know. Jewellery photos are (c) bronwyn angela white, Kapiti.