Icons and feathers

As well as the jewellery “flower gardens” I love creating, it’s an enjoyable challenge to make jewellery to fit a theme. Below are the pieces I made for two recent exhibitions, “Fine Feathers” and “NZ Icons“.

Each month, Kāpiti Gallery in Raumati Beach has a new exhibition, and while some are more focused on, for example, pastel painting or pottery and sculpture, there’s often an exhibition theme for general art and craft work. Kāpiti Gallery is the showcase for Kāpiti Arts and Crafts Society; I belong to the Jewellery Group and the Spinning, Weaving & Knitting Group.

For the Jewellery Group’s exhibition earlier in 2022, I created almost 100 new items; a few are pictured below.

Jewellery Group exhibition at Kāpiti Gallery, including some novelty and children’s jewellery:

Christmas 🎅 jewellery

Look at my new jewellery for Christmas 2021. There are flowers, leaves, boho style, and baby Santa styles!

As usual, I’ve named some of the new jewellery after flowers, such as Amaryllis ‘Clown’, Cymbidium ‘Red Lip’, and Hellebore ‘Red Lady’.

See them – and more – on my Festive and Yuletide page, and listings in my online shop bronz.beads.

Market Space

Today was my first time at Waikanae Community Market. Sunny but windy; had to move some jewellery stands off my table and onto the handy ‘shelf’ in the car boot – which actually made a nice display area for the non-featured jewellery.

My main display was of “Floral Bouquet” and “Flora” ranges, and I bought some gorgeous flowers from another stallholder that really complemented my display.

I added a few “Halloween” pieces – for dress-up parties, or lovers of the vampire movie genre. (The pieces have names like “Eudoxia”, “Morticia” and “Blood Lines”!)

Because al fresco jewellery making is just too difficult, but I need to be occupied, I worked on my latest EclecticYarn creation between customers. Almost as many people stopped to admire the stitching as the jewellery; maybe I should take some of my smaller fibre artworks next time.

I was lucky to get a space near friendly neighbours who shared some helpful market tips. Several people asked if I’d be back next week: weather permitting, yes!

Wedding party!

See the latest creations in my “bridal” range, which includes some bold “mother of the bridge” earrings, a range of bridesmaids’ earrings, flower girl set, and jewellery to suit any member of the wedding party.

During July 2021, they’re on display in the Kapiti Gallery; any that don’t sell will be added to my online shop bronz.bridal.beads on the Felt platform.

Bron’s Birthday

Spoiled for choice: which of my birthday presents to work with first?

Gorgeous colours and shapes – my current favourites of acrylic flowers and leaves – and Christmas beads from Bead Trimming and Craft (Brisbane)

Fantastic mix of reds – shiny, matt, sequins, spacers – plus more lovely leaves from The Bead Hold (Taranaki)

and new, quality jewellery crafting tools and cutters, along with stylish display stands, from G A Warburton (Auckland)